Remote Fuel Hauling

Have a generator that needs to be filled regularly but don’t have the means of getting fuel to the site? Let us take care of it for you. We will supply the fuel, the pilot, and ground personnel to transfer the fuel into your tanks. When you hire Pollux Aviation to fill and monitor your tanks we will guarantee that they won’t run out of fuel as long as we have the contract. If they do run out of fuel and it was our fault we will cover the cost of refilling the tanks!

• Diesel Transport and transfer
• Av Gas Transport and transfer
• Propane Transport and transfer
• Personnel to transfer fuel
• Equipment to transfer fuel
• Tank level monitoring
• Price per gallon quotes available

We currently hold contracts with repeater stations that are utlized by local government agencies and understand the importance of a smooth running operation. You can trust that your fueling needs will be satisfied when you count on Pollux for your transport needs.IMG_0011 copy