Wildlife Capture and Survey

Pollux Aviation has been working hand-in-hand with biologists across the state in many different wildlife study projects. We are AMD/ACETA qualified to perform federal projects with USFW or the NPS. Aside from the federal operators we have worked closely with Alaska Department of Fish and Game and private companies alike. From 3″ Dolly Varden to 10′ Polar Bears we have seen it all. Our wildlife services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Wildlife Tracking – Radio Telemetry
  • Wildlife Capture
    • Net-Gunning
    • Darting
  • Aerial Shooting / Predator Control
  • Wildlife Recovery
  • ACETA Qualified – Aerial Capture, Eradication, and Tagging of Animals


wildlifecapture2R44-Moose-Capture--AlaskaWildlife Services