Robinson R44 I/II Helicopter Advantages

Robinson R44 I/II Helicopter’s

The most fuel effecient 4 place utility helicopter in Alaska! Now that is Eco-Friendly! At optimum cruise power the Robionson R44 I/II helicopter only burns a remarkably low 13-14 gph of AvGas as compared to a similar sized turbine helicopter burning 28+ gph of Jet A. Not only does this decrease our carbon footprint but it allows you more helicopter time in your project’s budget. With a useful load around 1000 lbs, the R44 is a great alternative to a light turbine helicopter. Our Aircraft specs and special equipment is listed below. To get a price quote for your project contact our Wasilla base.

R44 I/II Special Equipment:

Pollux Carbon Fiber Tundra Boards (For Sale)
Left & Right side Cargo Racks — 100 lbs capacity each
Seat configuration: 3 passengers plus 1 pilot
Moving Map GPS
FM Radio
AFF (automated flight following)
Belly Hook: Capacity 800 lbs.
Remote Hook – Mechanical
Load Cell (Accurately weigh external loads)
50-200′ Long Line Capable
Sling Door (Great Pilot Visibility)
Brush Guard (prevents tall grass from touching exhaust areas)
Fixed Utility or Pop-Out Floats available for off-shore applications
Hands-free cellular phone interface
Hands-free sattelite phone interface
MP3 Audio Jack for Music, Radio Telemetry, or other external audio accessories
Bubble Windows (increased vertical visibility)