Established in 1991 Pollux Aviation has been Alaska’s largest and longest running Robinson helicopter operator for over 24 years. Pollux is a 135/133 certified and OAS qualified helicopter company based in Wasilla, Alaska. We offer Charter services, Marine Services with our boat and off-shore capable helicopters, Long-term contract discounts, External Load Capabilities up to 800lbs, Tours, and more!

Our helicopter services are available statewide. Our helicopter services can extend from the North Slope (Barrow) to Mid-Aleutians (Adak) to the end of the Southeast (Ketchikan).

The Pollux Service Department is a Robinson Factory Approved Service Center and it has the largest Robinson Parts inventory in the state! Each of our mechanics have been factory certificated prior to performing any maintenance on our aircraft. With 3 full time mechanics and 2 Pilot/Mechanics, you can count on Pollux to have a dependable machine on your project.

Thank you for your interest in Pollux Aviation Ltd. and Please let us know what we can do to help!

Here’s to another amazing summer in Alaska!